Adam Vetser Adam Vetser (TheRubiksCubed) - The original creator of the Dlsone Podcast. Outside of the podcast, he is a sticker modder and speedsolver. He averages sub-20 on 3x3 and his favorite event is Skewb.

Fun facts:
His favorite rappers are Childish Gambino and Logic.
He's a New York Knicks and Jets fan.
He wants to major in Chemistry and minor in History in college.

Daniel Goodman Daniel Goodman (DGCubes) - The guy who made this website. He is a competitive speedsolver who practices all 18 WCA events but focuses most on Pyraminx, on which he averages around 3.3 seconds.

Fun facts:
He can say the alphabet backwards.
He knows some of the lyrics to Cheap Thrills.
He can say the alphabet forwards.

Daniel Karnaukh Daniel Karnaukh (Derpy Cuber) - A competitive speedcuber who specializes in 2x2 and Square-1 and is known for his comedy and spontaneity.

Fun facts:
His favorite letter is H.
He has the world record for most competitions attended that have Daniel Karnaukh in them.
His favorite letter is H!!

Eva Kato Eva Kato (Hashtag Cuber) - A female cuber whose best events are Square-1 and 2x2, but does a majority of events as well. She is currently the Square-1 US National champion, formerly held the 3x3 FWR (female world record), and used to be a camel.

Fun facts:
She can usually solve a Rubik's Cube in under 20 seconds.
She doesn't have any more facts yet.
We're all waiting.

Allison Li Allison Li (TheProgrammingCuber) - A female cuber who focuses on speedsolving and averages around 10 seconds on 3x3, her main event.

Fun facts:
She can count to 1023 on her fingers.
She thinks the Brontë sisters were born to torture English students.
Despite her channel name, she didn't program much until 2016.